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prepared by our chefs

delivered once a week to any address in Switzerland

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The easiest way to delicious & healthy food

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varied and balanced


Our chefs cook

from seasonal ingredients


We deliver Swisswide

with SwissPost in a chilled box


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Choose meals fitting your lifestyle and family needs


Chef's choice

A balanced meal plan includes various food groups: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, dairy and grains.



Contains vegetables, pulses and grains. Proteins are coming from plants, seeds, and dairy.


Low carbs

diet is known to be effective for losing weight. We include only lean proteins, healthy fats and vegetables.



Customise your box by adding delicious proteins, sides, soups and desserts.

As if our chef just created meals in your kitchen


Each meal comes pre-cooked to perfection, sealed in a vacuum pack. We pack proteins, veggies and grains separately to ensure crisp, fresh, authentic flavour. Just warm them up for a few minutes in hot water or a frying pan.  Then garnish and serve.

The majority of our vacuum packs are 100% compostable; they are produced from corn fibres in the north of Italy. A small part of our packs are not compostable, it is a challenge to pack liquid products, but we are working on it with our suppliers.

Allcook food is healthy for the Earth

As sustainable as humanly possible

Say "No" to food waste

Your regular subscription plan allows us to order fresh ingredients & cook the just right amount of food. Together we avoid 78% of traditional food-chain waste.


Local ingredients

We source our ingredients from Switzerland as much as possible. We order fish and meat at certified suppliers for sustainable fishing and farming.


Seasonal products

We change our menu every week, inspired by seasonal ingredients. Exotic plants such as quinoa or Thai basil, for example, are harvested in Switzerland or Europe.


Recyclable packaging

Our packaging is 95% recyclable or biodegradable. You can return the cardboard boxes and gel ice blocks to us free of charge for reuse; they are also recyclable.

your fresh home meals for a week

Chef-prepared and healthy

from CHF 15.80 per serving

Pick your meals

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Popular Questions

You can make only one order, or if you like our service, define any frequency corresponding to your lifestyle. No strings attached. You don’t need to know in advance how often you would like to order; it is very flexible. We see that our existing customers have 3 preferred ways of ordering. “Planners” plan forward their deliveries for 4 weeks forward. They increase or decrease their orders, skip one or several weeks, even change the address when travelling within Switzerland. “Spontaneous” buy time to time when they feel like to treat their family or friends with an excellent dinner or lunch. “Travellers” freeze orders for an indefinite time when they are on vacation, for example, and unfreeze when they are back. You can also request to delete your account, we will be sad, but we will do it immediately upon your request.

Reducing our impact on the planet is fundamental to us. That is why we work on the preorder; this approach allows us to have ZERO food waste. 90% of our packaging is recyclable or reusable. We supply a free post label with every 4th box so that you can return ice blocks in a carton box to us.  We reuse ice blocks and a carton. You can recycle a carton box together with other paper. You can put the thin wooden trays in the compost as well as the compostable vacuum bags.


The best before date is mentioned on the pack. It is  4 to 6 days after delivery. We recommend enjoying your meals within the first few days of delivery. If you are unable to finish your meals by the best-by date, you can store them in the freezer. Important to unfreeze them slowly in your fridge to keep the quality. Fast unfreezing in a microwave or at ambient temperature will ruin the work of a chef.